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5th Angle -versary

Posted by Terrie (Nana) on October 20, 2015 at 10:30 AM

October 20th 2015. marks the 5th Angle -versary of my grandson, Cameron. It is unimaginable that he has been gone that long. Life has continued to go on while I feel frozen in place. Days have come and gone, and yet I feel like nothing has changed. Over the last five years my family/friends have gotten married, (Lorraine included ) had babies, gotten new jobs, found new boyfriends, and bought houses. My crowning accomplishment is that I woke up every day and I got out of bed. Seriously? That is my accomplishment? That is all I have achieved? I guess I should see it as surviving, but I have a sneaking suspicion that my aspirations should be higher than just getting by. I will get by because of my amazing daughter Lorraine, has lost so much and still aims to give jj the best she can and get through life in the only way she can. Don't ever judge.

Whether we like it or not, five years has passed. Five whole years without the person who gave my daughter life meaning and filled my heart with unimaginable amount of love. So how am I supposed to acknowledge this day? How are any of us, supposed to recognize this day for what it stands for? For most of us this day signifies one of the absolute worst days of our entire lives, filled with loss and devastation, questions that can never truly be answered. So how should this day be spent? I wish I had the answer, any answer, but I think every single one of us must slowly live our way into our own answers.

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