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Cameron Short was a bright cheery loving kid who lived in Bristol, He was a happy go lucky boy like most 11 year olds. 

On Sat 5th Sept 2009 after suffering from migraines for a week we noticed his face had drooped slightly and his eye was twitching he was taken to Bristol Hospital where they did some tests on him including blood tests  and MRI Scans.

Sadly these tests showed that Cameron had a sizable tumour in his brain, That night he was transfered to Frenchay Hospital in Bristol where he had another scan to assess the tumor and the following morning he had an operation to remove the growth.

Doctors did tests on this growth and confirmed it was cancer  and looked into what treatments needed to be given.

All throughout  his ordeal Cameron was brave and never complained showing what a trooper he really was. 

Cameron was treated and operated on  in Frenchay Hospital in Bristol where the staff did a fantastic job looking after him.

Cameron carried on fighting and spent over a year in and out of hospital and respite care showing strength and courage far beyond his years he also returned to school and became a 1 year survivor in Sep 2010.

Sadly shortly after this it was confirmed that another tumour had appeared in the stem of his brain near his spine he began undergoing further treatment for this.

Cameron continued to fight this horrible disease at Charlton Farm Childrens Hospice near Bristol cared for by the excellent team there.

Cameron passed in his sleep at Charlton Farm Hospice on 20th Oct 2010, He was with his Mum and Grandma and went peacefully and painlessly in a place he loved surrounded by people who loved him dearly.

Camsplace will always be a place you can come and remember his life, share your storys and memories, please do visit and share your love of this brave unique young man who lived life to its fullest every day.  



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