Cams Place

Welcome to Cams Place, In Honour of the bravest kid in Bristol

Always Remembered

We would like to express our thanks to all the people who donated goods and services  and who helped out at Camerons Birthday Fundraiser. It was a great day and Cameron would have been proud of all of you.

Camerons family are grateful of all the support they have been given by you all at this sad time.

Camsplace will always be a place you can come and remember his life, share your storys and memories, please do visit and share your love of this brave unique young man who lived life to its fullest every day.  


A Message From Terrie (Cams Nan)

One of my hopes is that everyone touched by Cameron’s journey will have been reminded that our lives are very fragile and that we do not know with any real certainty where life will take us.
We should live each day like there is no tomorrow and cherish each sunrise as it comes, Live your dreams today, Be generous today, Bless others today and love each other today as tomorrow may not come or your life can be forever changed from one day to the next – indeed from one moment to another.
Our family’s life has been turned upside down and inside out on every imaginable level, but we continue to feel truly blessed to have so many wonderful people who continue to be there for us and most of all our faith in God remains.

Thank you all.


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